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ACM's Computer-Human Interaction Conference opens in Vancouver

CHI '11: Enhancing the Human Condition

Cellphone motion projector throws gaming onto the wall

Flexible phone made from electronic paper to debut

Allison Druin's Workshop Keynote: "Mining the Imagination from Time Travel to Anti-Gravity" - CHI 2011, Vancouver, Canada

Thin, flexible smartphone bends the rules of input

Talking to the Wall: An experimental interface from Microsoft turns any wall into an interactive surface

Microsoft verwandelt W?nde in Touchscreens

PaperPhone: Flexible Smartphone Makes Calls, Plays Music When You Bend It (VIDEO)

Revolutionary new paper computer shows flexible future for smartphones and tablets

Ultra-thin 'PaperPhone' bends to user's will

Listen to tunes, make a call, read a book - all on a sheet of paper

Hang up the iPhone - here comes paper phone
Bending the flexible device will allow users to make calls and play music

iPhone to Paper Phone: Smartphone prototype made with interactive paper

Meet the bendable smartphone

'Paper iPhone' could be next mobile revolution
Future portable devices will be bendable, say researchers

Paper Phone Developed - Like a Flexible iPhone

ZeroTouch featured on The Today Show and beyond by international press

Dr. Juan Pablo Hourcade

Ultra-thin 'PaperPhone' bends to user's will

ZeroTouch's Touchless Sensing Could Improve Smartphone Interaction. Can be seen on: Discovery News, MSNBC, Computer World and Ecology Lab

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