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Videos: Call for Submissions

Quick Facts

  • Submission: Upload video at the PCS website by 14 Jan 2010
  • Conditional Acceptance Notification: 4 Feb 2010
  • Revised Video Deadline: 18 Feb 2010
  • Submission Format: H.264 encoded MP4, at least 720px x 480px, at most 2 minutes
  • At the Conference: CHI fame! Your video will be shown in front of screaming fans at the special Video Showcase session.
  • Awards: The Golden Mouse will be awarded to best videos in Oscar-ceremony style at the Video Showcase.
  • Archives: DVD and ACM Digital Library

Message from the Videos Co-Chairs:

The videos track is a forum for human-computer interaction that leaps off the page: vision videos, reflective pieces, humor, novel interfaces, studies, and anything else that is a good match for the moving image and relevant to HCI. Your work will be screened for a large CHI audience during the conference, and in contention for the Golden Mouse award. Videos will be available in the ACM Digital Library after the conference.

Work will be judged on how much it intellectually engages an HCI audience and how effectively it communicates its message. Ultimately, we are looking to put together an enjoyable show for the attendees. Interesting but poorly-produced videos will be scrapped but if it's YouTube-ready, it's ready for the videos track!

Michael S. Bernstein, MIT CSAIL
Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research
Contact us:

Video Selection Process

Videos will be reviewed according to two main criteria:
  • Content: Is the material interesting to human-computer interaction researchers and professionals?
    The topic of the video is ultimately up to you, but some approaches that have worked well in the past include: presentations of research systems, visions of the future, humorous parodies or thoughtful critiques of SIGCHI and HCI, and reports on ethnographic work and user studies. A video's content evaluation depends on how directly it addresses issues of relevance to HCI, and whether its message is interesting and engaging.
  • Presentation: Is the video edited well? Does it make appropriate use of pacing, music, and special effects? Does it drag on, or will it hold an audience's attention?
    Since this is a live screening, the Videos track strongly encourages creative editing of your videos. The tight time limit is imposed largely to keep your videos short and punchy. In addition to pacing, your video should include appropriate music or soundtrack. Your idea may be brilliant, but if you can't convey it in an engaging way, it will not make a good live video piece.
Videos may be work that has been published or released previously. Please make clear in your submission any prior exposure your video has received.

Conditional Acceptance

This year, videos will be accepted conditionally. The reviewing committee may ask you to shorten your video further, to clean up edits, or to otherwise prepare it for public consumption. You will be given a period of time to revise your video and re-submit a final version for approval and screening at the conference.

Submitting Your Video

Your video must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • At most two minutes in length. Contact the Videos chairs by 12 hours before the submission deadline if you have good reason to request special exemption for the length limit.
  • Titles and credits totaling no more than ten seconds.
  • Encoded as an MP4 using the H.264 codec.
  • Resolution of at least 720px x 480 px. Send as high a resolution copy of your video as possible. We strongly suggest standard 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. Encode your video using square pixels for the pixel aspect ratio to avoid your movie looking stretched when projected.
  • At most 120MB in file size.


We require that you encode your video as an MP4 using the H.264 codec. Most video editing software provides an exporting option to MP4/H.264, for example iMovie, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro. If you prefer to use free software, x264 can encode any video into H.264.

Third-party material and copyright

It is very important that you have the rights to use all the material that is contained in your submission, including music, video, images, etc. Attaining permissions to use video, audio, or pictures of identifiable people or proprietary content rests with the author, not the ACM or the CHI conference. You are encouraged to use Creative Commons content, for example music available at ccMixter.

You will be allowing us (ACM and SIGCHI) to upload your video into the ACM Digital Library and YouTube or equivalent video-sharing sites as part of the CHI 2011 Video collection. Authors retain copyright of the material but accepted submissions will not be published or shown at the conference without a signed form permitting ACM to publish the content. This is standard procedure for ACM publications.

The CHI 2011 Video Showcase

Accepted videos will be screened in a special session at CHI 2011. As in the past, we plan to advertise the event heavily, to hand out popcorn and drinks, and to lead up to an awards ceremony for the top submitted videos. Because of the large audience the video showcase attracts, it is one of the best means for getting your message out to the CHI community.

Example Videos

A gallery of previous award-winning videos:

CHIStory (CHI 2009: Most Entertaining Video)

GEST (CHI 2010: Best Concept Video)

ZOOZbeat ?(CHI 2010: Best Music Video)?

Pulp-Based Computing (CHI 2009: Best Design Video)

Sharing Digital Photographs in the Home by Tagging Memorabilia (CHI 2009: Best Research Video)

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