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Streamlining the CHI publication process

5 January 2011

Beginning with CHI 2011, authors will be able to upload their final publication-ready (aka “camera-ready”) versions to PCS (rather than redundantly uploading the same info to the publisher’s site). All revisions to content or corrections to formatting will be collected on PCS only. Please follow the formatting instructions at this URL to minimize the number of corrections that the publisher will require:

Workshops and Interactivity Deadline Extension

5 October 2010

The deadline for submitting workshops and Interactivity submissions is now 22 October 2010. (Previously 8 October 2010)

Submitting Performances to CHI 2011

15 September 2010

Following last year's success, CHI will again accept submissions for Performances to be shown in special sessions at the conference. Please submit Performances through the Interactivity venue on PCS (The Interactivity Call for Participation has been updated with more details). On the submission form, please indicate that your submission is a Performance by entering “performance” as one of the keywords.

Courses Notifiction now 21 Sept

13 September 2010

Decisions about courses will now be made on or about 21 September 2010.

Paper Deadline: Sept. 24th 5pm PST

10 September 2010

Here are useful links for people submitting papers and notes:

Shorter (Higher Energy) Talks so you get to see more of CHI

10 August 2010

In an effort to increase energy at the conference, as well as the proportion of overall content that attendees get to see, we are shortening presentation slots at CHI 2011. Authors will prepare presentations that convey contributions more succinctly since all long talks will be 20 minutes rather the traditional 30, and short talks 10 minutes rather than 15. Because this means fewer parallel sessions, presenters can probably expect larger audiences. Sessions will be 80 minutes rather than 90, which provides more time for breaks, where much of the fun networking, interaction, and connecting happens. Conveniently, all sessions will start on the hour (9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm), so the schedule is easier to remember. More details here.

Chi 2011 - Connecting

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