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Important Dates

Messages from the Games and Entertainment Community Co-Chairs

Games and Entertainment is a new Featured Community for CHI 2011. Games and Entertainment are part of our daily lives. Contrary to work-oriented information systems, games and entertainment applications are not necessarily task oriented; user experience in games might be more important than usability and player-centered development needs new and adapted methods to allow design and development of successful games and entertainment applications. Please read the full Games and Entertainment Community proposal for a more thorough description of the community.

The games and entertainment community includes researchers and practitioners focusing on: 

  • Player-oriented game development, including analysis, development and evaluation of all forms of games including (but not limited to) desktop games, mobile games, mixed reality games, exertion games, affective games, and serious games.
  • All aspects of design, development, and deployment of game and entertainment-focused virtual characters including avatars, non-player characters (NPCs), and embodied conversational agents (ECAs).
  • Use of games as a research method. 
  • Design, development and evaluation of entertainment applications including interactive TV, multi-media and interactive applications for media and entertainment use whenever, wherever, and on whatever device.

It is our goal as games and entertainment community co-chairs to increase the quality and quantity of submissions from games researchers and practitioners. There is a broad variety of submission possibilities allowing you to discuss with other experts from the field a certain topic (workshops), enabling you to discuss latest trends (panels), show your results from research (papers and notes), demonstrate your game or entertainment application (case studies, Interactivity, Videos) or show your alternative approach to games (alt.chi). Please see below the summary for all possibilities for submissions at CHI. We would be glad to getting to know you at the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Games and Entertainment that is scheduled at CHI 2011.

Regina Bernhaupt & Katherine Isbister
Contact us:

Types of Submissions

Submissions about games advances are appropriate in any of the following forums. We especially encourage you to submit interesting Case Studies that illustrate how innovative game techniques were used in specific projects that have broad implications. We urge you to submit material to one or more of the following forums: 


CHI Workshops take place on Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th. They present an opportunity to connect with other researchers and practitioners on a specific topic area. Workshops aim at deepening our understanding of specific topics through interactive presentations, discussions, and break-out sessions, facilitated by the workshop organizers. Submission deadlines are spread through January and February 2011 - please refer to each individual workshop’s Call for Participation for more information.

Workshops mostWorkshops particularly relevant to the CHI Games community:

W9: Gamification: Using Game-Design Elements in Non-Gaming Contexts
Saturday May 7th, 2011
Contact: Sebastian Deterding,
Organizers: Sebastian Deterding, Miguel Sicart, Lennart Nacke, Kenton O'Hara, Dan Dixon

W25: Social Game Studies at CHI 2011
Sunday May 8th, 2011
Contact: Ben Kirman,
Organizers: Ben Kirman, Staffan Björk, Sebastian Deterding, Janne Paavilainen, Valentina Rao

For the full list of available workshops and their individual Calls for Participation please see the CHI 2011 list of workshops.

Preparing Your Submission

You must prepare your submission in the format that is required for each type. Please use the term "games" in the title, abstract, or author's keywords to help us get it to qualified reviewers. You can contact us at if you have questions about games submissions. We encourage you to check the due dates, read the requirements for your submission ideas, and start now, if you haven't already.

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