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Message from Jim & Carola, Management Community Co-Chairs

CHI not relevant for managers?  On the contrary!

Managers are the key to positioning user experience teams in organizations.  By creating a focus at CHI where managers can exchange ideas and best practices, we can accelerate the evolution of our discipline in industry and increase our influence and effectiveness.  Managers also bridge key gaps between research (academic & industry) and practice.  The entire CHI community benefits from effective and well informed managers.

Jim and I have extended our stint as co-chairs for one more year as the fledgling management community finds its legs.  Together with the newly formed SIGCHI Management Community leadership and a host of motivated CHI management community members, we are creating a focus for management at CHI conferences and in the SIGCHI organization.

We encourage you to be part of shaping the program for CHI 2011. Submissions will be considered in all categories, but in particular we are looking for panels and workshop proposals to engage the community in driving the topic forward.  We are also looking for seasoned managers who are willing to share their knowledge in the form of courses.  The SIG in 2011 will take a similar format as last year, providing a forum for an ongoing dialog on where we are as a community and where we should go.

Not sure where to start?  Looking for collaborators or a sounding board?  Consider signing up for the CHI Management Community on LinkedIn. For information on the 2010 program, take a look at CHI 2010 Management Community.

Join us in creating the best management track for CHI so far!

Carola Fellenz Thompson & Jim Nieters. Contact us:

Types of Submissions

We urge you to submit material to one or more of the following forums: 


A two-day workshop on Managing User Experience Teams will take place on Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th. Workshops present an opportunity to connect with other researchers and practitioners on a specific topic area. Workshops aim at deepening our understanding of specific topics through interactive presentations, discussions, and break-out sessions, facilitated by the workshop organizers. Please refer to this workshop’s Call for Participation for more information and its submission deadline.

W1: Managing User Experience Teams: lessons from case studies, establishing best practices
Saturday & Sunday May 7-8th, 2011
Contact: Janice Rohn
Organizers: Janice Rohn, Dennis Wixon

For the full list of available workshops and their individual Calls for Participation please see the CHI 2011 list of workshops.

Preparing Your Submission

You must prepare your submission in the format that is required for each type. Please use the terms "user experience management" or "design management"¯ in the author's keywords to help us get it to qualified reviewers. You can contact us at if you have questions about management submissions. We encourage you to check the due dates, read the requirements for your submission ideas, and start now, if you haven't already.

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