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Message from the Chairs

At CHI 2011, user experience (UX) and usability practitioners are more important than ever. 

We have much to offer CHI and much to learn from others who come to CHI. Therefore, CHI 2011 is focused on continuing the steps forward taken at CHI2010, to create bridges between professional communities - especially between academic HCI researchers and UX/usability practitioners who consume that research. For instance, at CHI2010 we held a pre-CHI workshop called "Researcher-Practitioner Interaction" that brought together people with an interest in addressing the gap, to explore the nature of the problems between researchers and practitioners and to propose possible solutions. We also want to reach beyond the familiar and established approaches that have served us well to new and innovative approaches that will provides new insights, experiences, and outcomes.

It is our goal as the User Experience co-chairs to increase the quality and quantity of submissions from usability practitioners and researchers, with the intent of benefiting both practice and research communities. We are striving to collect from the UX and usability fields contributions that introduce innovative practices and research that improves the design experience. CHI 2011 provides several formats for communicating UX work, whether it is a case study, a panel of industry experts, or a well-researched finding presented in a paper.

For a summary of all CHI 2011 submission types and venues, see the Authors' page. 


Historically, the user experience and usability fields have thrived on the interdependency between research and practice, leveraging new concepts and working to make our efforts more effective and influential. CHI 2011 will offer a place to discuss advancements in the field of usability and user experience and to explore burning issues of methods, tools, business or management. We hope to stimulate discussion both within the community and with other communities and to explore our mutual dependence.

The CHI 2011 User Experience Community co-chairs will help practitioners find appropriate venues for the presentation of advanced approaches, thought-provoking communication, and interaction between research and practice, whether the submission is a debate, a description of a new method, an interesting case study, or some other presentation format. We will also try to help you find other people who may be interested in participating with you.

We expect that there will be many related themes and activities offered by the other CHI communities participating in this conference. We strongly encourage you to submit multi-community proposals that look at user experience and usability in the context of design, engineering, management, and/or research.

Types of Submissions

We urge you to submit material to one or more of  the following forums: 

Also, we are always looking for additional UX practitioners to review specific submissions. If you would like to make yourself available to review a few submissions, then please volunteer as a reviewer via the PCS reviewing system.


CHI Workshops take place on Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th. They present an opportunity to connect with other researchers and practitioners on a specific topic area. Workshops aim at deepening our understanding of specific topics through interactive presentations, discussions, and break-out sessions, facilitated by the workshop organizers. Submission deadlines are spread through January and February 2011 - please refer to each individual workshop’s Call for Participation for more information.

Workshops most relevant to the CHI User Experience community:

W3: Data Collection by the People, for the People
Saturday & Sunday May 7-8th, 2011
Contact: Christine Robson,
Organizers: Christine Robson, Sean Kandel, Jeffrey Heer, Jeffrey Pierce

W5: The User in Flux: Bringing HCI and Digital Arts Together to Interrogate Shifting Roles in Interactive Media
Saturday & Sunday May 7-8th, 2011
Contact: Tuck Leong,
Organizers: Tuck Leong, Lalya Gaye, Atau Tanaka, Robyn Taylor, Peter Wright

W8: ETHICS, LOGS, and VIDEOTAPE: Ethics in Large Scale User Trials and User Generated Content
Saturday May 7th, 2011
Contact: Alistair Morrison,
Organizers: Matthew Chalmers, Donald McMillan, Alistair Morrison, Henriette Cramer, Mattias Rost, Adam Greenfield, Wendy Mackay

W19: Bridging Practices, Theories, and Technologies to Support Reminiscence
Sunday May 8th, 2011
Contact: Dan Cosley,
Organizers: Dan Cosley, Maurice Mulvenna, Victoria Schwanda, S. Tejaswi Peesapati, Terence Wright

W20: Appropriation and Creative Use: Linking User Studies and Design
Sunday May 8th, 2011
Contact: Antti Salovaara,
Organizers: Antti Salovaara, Kristina Höök, Keith Cheverst, Michael Twidale, Matthew Chalmers, Corina Sas

W23: Mobile and Personal Projection
Sunday May 8th, 2011
Contact: Enrico Rukzio,
Organizers: Raimund Dachselt, Matt Jones, Jonna Häkkilä, Markus Lö chtefeld, Michael Rohs, Enrico Rukzio

W30: Transnational HCI: Humans, Computers, and Interactions in Transnational Contexts
Sunday May 8th, 2011
Contact: Janet Vertesi,
Organizers: Janet Vertesi, Silvia Lindtner, Irina Shklovski

Preparing Your Submission

You must prepare your submission in the format that is required for each type. If you use any of the terms "user experience,"¯ "usability," or "UX" in the title, abstract, or author's keywords, it will help us get it to appropriate reviewers for UX proposals. You can contact if you have questions about UX submissions. We encourage you to check the due dates, read the requirements for your submission ideas, and start now.

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